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Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen

Located in Limburg, the European orchard, Wijnkasteel is the largest vineyard in the country with its 25 hectares of vineyards. The estate mainly uses Chardonnay (80%) but also Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

The wines of our range from Wijnkasteel are Pinot Noir Rood, Zwarte Parel, Zilveren Parel, Roze Parel, Chardonnay Blauw and Chardonnay Goud.

Chardonnay Blauw - white

The Chardonnay Blauw won the silver medal of Belgium's most popular wine, making it one of the flagship products of Genoels-Elderen.

Millésime | 2014 (13%)
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Chardonnay Goud - white

The Chardonnay Goud is a Burgundy-inspired in wooden crates riped wine with an intense shine, hence its name "golden".

Millésime | 2013 (13%)
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Zwarte Parel - sparkling

The Zwarte Parel is developed according to the "Traditional Method" with an 18 months, in bottle aging process.

Millésime | 2011 (12.5%)
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Zilveren Parel - sparkling

The Zilveren Parel is stored entirely in French oak barrels which makes this sparkling wine elegant and complete.

Millésime | 2013 (13%)
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Roze Parel - sparkling rosé

The Roze Parel is elaborated according to the "Traditional Method" and has a light pink color. There are aromas of strawberries and cherries.

Millésime | 2011 (12.5%)
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Pinot Noir Rood - red

The Pinot Noir Rouge is a wine from the most northern European Pinot Noir vines and matured in French oak barrels.

Millésime | 2013 (13%)
Grape varieties | Pinot Noir 100%
Origin | Wijnkasteel, Genoels-Elderen

Domain Meerdael

In 1994, Paul and An Vleminckx-Lefever started by planting 21.000 Chardonnay vines on their domain in Vaalbeek. Their intentions were clear: producing a sparkling wine of the Blanc de Blancs type. Between the years 1998 and 2000, the domain has expanded up to 60.000 vines.

Meanwhile, the company kept growing and the processing became more efficient. The growth in knowledge and craftsmanship has eventually turned Chardonnay Meerdael into a price winning wine.

Chardonnay Meerdael

The Chardonnay Meerdeal is the pride of Brabant, as proved by the medals it won in Brussels and Valencia.

Alcohol by volume | 12%
Grape varieties | Chardonnay 100%
Origin | Meerdael, Oud-Heverlee

Wijngoed Monteberg

In 1996 and on the southern slopes of Monteberg and the Kemmelberg, 600 vineyards were planted in order to see if this terroir was suitable for viticulture. It soon proved to be an excellent location in this area and the estate now extends to 7 ha in which grow about 10 varieties winesgrapes.

From this wineyard, we propose the Kerner Chardonnay and the Pinot Gris Chardonnay for customization.

Kerner Chardonnay

This Kerner Chardonnay is a dry but rich wine, these five different
grape varieties give it its complex character.

Millésime | 2015 (12%)
Grape varieties | Kerner 67.65% - Chardonnay 2.5% - Solaris 5.6% - Muller Thurgau 4.25% - Siegerrebe 20%
Origin | Wijngoed Monteberg

Domaine du Chenoy

The specificity of the Domaine du Chenoy resides mainly in the planting of new varieties that are more resistant to diseases, better adapted to the Belgian climate and moreover producing very fine wines.

He made his Special Cuvée of 2013 available for us, an exclusivity that is not available anywhere else.

Cuvée Spéciale

The Cuvée Spéciale is the result of an innovative fusion between two grape varieties allowing a more eco-friendly viticulture.

Millésime | 2012 (12%)
Grape varieties | Regent 65% - Rondo 35%
Origin | Wine estate du Chenoy

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