Offer something as unique as thoughtful to your employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. A personalised bottle will have just the effect your looking for.

For your gift you can either choose a single bottle from our catalogue or get one of our prepared gift packages. We have different options for all budgets.

Prices include the products, the packaging and the personalisation of one of them. The personalisation of both the box and bottles is an additional service. Get our catalogue for a full overview of our offer.

The minumum quantity is 50 packs. Prices are VAT excluded.

Standard packs - 9,95€

Standard Juices

Standard juices

1 Apple-pear juice
1 Apple-cherry juice
Cardboard pack


Standard mix

1 Apple juice
1 La Cambre Blonde
Cardboard pack

Classic packs - 14,95€


Classic beers

2 Waaslanders blonde
2 Triple Kloks
2 Biekens
Wooden box


Classic mix

1  Apple-pear juice
1  Cuvée spéciale - red
Cardboard pack

Advanced packs - 24,95€


Advanced wines

1 Cuvée spéciale - red
1 Kerner chardonnay - white
Wooden box


Advanced mix

1  Apple-pear juice
1  Zwarte parel - brut
Wooden box

Deluxe packs - 29,95€


Deluxe sparkling

1 Chardonnay Meerdael - brut
1 wine jelly
Wooden box


Deluxe mix

1  Apple juice
1 La Cambre Triple
1  Chardonnay blauw - white
Wooden box

Supreme packs - 34,95€


Supreme combo

1 Zwarte parel - brut
1 Apple-cherry juice
2 wine jellies
Wooden box


Supreme mix

1  Apple-pear juice
1 La Cambre Blonde
1  Kerner chardonnay - white
1 Cuvée spéciale - red
Wooden box

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