Product media made in belgium

Product media made in Belgium

What we do
Personalised drinks are an impactful way to promote your brand whilst remaining sober and elegant. Opting for TailorDrink also means choosing to support and promote small local producers. All our partners cultivate and manufacture their products in Belgium. We offer waters, juices, beers, wines and stronger drinks. Get our catalogue or choose one of the categories above to view a selection of the products that will best suit your needs.


ثنائي الروبوت خيار 24option Offer something as unique as thoughtful to your employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. A personalised bottle will have just the effect your looking for. Just take a look at our giftpacks if you’re not feeling inspired yet.

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Gather your team around an authentic belgian beverage. Order water and sodas for your day to day activities or choose your favourite wine for your after-work parties.
Rethink your external marketing towards originality, unicity and festivity. Upgrade your flyering and create a buzz at your events. We offer different formulas from simple delivery of your drinks to complete organisation of the distribution. Send us an email to discuss your needs.


Use personalised bottles during your events to promote your brands to clients, prospects, new talents and so on.
Already went to a salon where every stand offered snacks making you thirsty but impossible to find water? Opt for water or sodas for your stand to make your prospects grateful.
About TailorDrink


enter TailorDrink puts the emphasis on belgian products and producers. All our partners cultivate and manufacture their drinks in Belgium. We made this choice both to stimulate local know-how and economy and to preserve our environment by reducing transport length.

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